Wellingborough Biomass Plant – Deconstruction Project Update



Wellingborough Deconstruction

Wellingborough Biomass Plant – Deconstruction Project Update

Today has seen another significant and complex deconstruction milestone completed by the Vincere Training and Business Solutions team on the Wellingborough Project.

The 13te Furnace / Superheater Dome was safely lifted to grade in a tandom lift, using our contract crane partner TERRANOVA CRANE SALES LTD. Two City type cranes were used, due to the very tight space constraints within the building.

As part of the planning and preparation, the team removed two full sections of roofing to allow the catheads to protrude through and allow lifting to take place.

Great teamwork, led by our Lifting AP John Costello and Will Patterson – Grad IOSH, AIEMA ensured a safe and smooth lift.

The dome will now be cut into two, and will be transported to Rotamac EPC Energy Solutions Ltd Christopher Baxter Matthew Baxter‘s client in Bulgaria by special vehicle.

The next significant milestone is to safely lift and lower the Tail End to grade next Thursday. Again the team will be using the Project Crane partner TERRANOVA CRANE SALES LTD – we cannot recommend the Terranova team enough.
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